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The premiere episode of my new series, THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN is live now on Flipboard’s new premium video channel Flipboard TV…. Watch it now HERE!

Looking back, it’s hard to believe how seamlessly this series fell into place.

My resilient nature has served me well over the years and while I can admit being sidetracked by Covid was definitely a setback, my silver-lining was creating this longevity series to film during the global pandemic…because let’s face it, one can only do so much TikTok as a creative outlet!

Let me start with a little backstory. I’m a Television Lifestyle Host & Producer. For over a decade, I featured all my favorite lifestyle activities on TV covering a variety of topics. First came my signature shopping segment as a “TV Shopping Expert” with “Shopping Is My Cardio”, and as a Health & Wellness Expert getting my workout in, on-camera featuring the latest boutique fitness studios and then I was bitten by the travel bug…. HARD.

I created my own travel series to fulfill my wanderlust with my TV show, “Travel Time with Linda” which aired nationwide for two seasons on AXS TV Network.

My dream job traveling the globe was hard work — seriously it was! No joke…but it was an opportunity of a lifetime and I was rewarded in a multitude of ways including being the proud recipient of four Telly-Awards for a Daytime Television Broadcast Travel Series.

I filmed Season One featuring “Caribbean Dreaming Destinations” and Season Two, “Bucket-List Destinations” both available now on Amazon Prime.

And then Covid hit.

Season 3 of my national travel series, “Travel Time with Linda” was in pre-production and then came the announcement that all travel was indefinitely postponed and so was my travel show.

With the world in limbo I watched and waited that first month of March 2020. I considered myself fortunate having just returned from a one-month sabbatical traveling my way through Amsterdam, Mauritius and Cape Town with my husband. No filming to interfere with my much-needed R&R. My only task was compiling notes to write articles upon my return home for several travel publications I am a Contributor.

In April, the realization of our “new normal” set in so I got busy creating a series on a topic that has been a side-passion of mine for several years that hasn’t yet become “mainstream”.

As an Influencer whose job it is to stay ahead of the trends, trust me when I tell you it’s about to implode —

I’m talking about LONGEVITY…

Like many of you, I’m interested in optimizing my health span and my lifespan to be “The CEO” of my own health and best wellness advocate.

I feel Knowledge is Power, so I took a deep dive into the Science of Aging several years ago and quickly found a major niche that needed to be filled…

The Science of Aging is happening at warp speed, but these advanced therapy breakthroughs have not been shared with the public, as the scientific community has conveyed their knowledge within white papers and studies laden with technical language shared peer- to- peer that the average person never sees.

The purpose of this series is to inspire and educate the general public on these incredible scientific breakthroughs happening now in real time that not only extend our Human Longevity optimizing our health span and our lifespan but also cure many age-related diseases in the process.

Many of the scientists I interview on the show have had “proof of concept” to cure age-related diseases with their advanced therapies for over a decade, but they all sing the same sad tune —

“Lack of Funding” has stalled their progress to do the human trials necessary for the FDA to consider them for approval.

And here’s where you all come in because their work has been undervalued and diminished which of course attributes to getting the funding they require because you all have been in the dark…

THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN fills this niche because public “supply and demand” has always been a powerful precursor for change, so my task at hand is to inform the masses and make sure you are WOKE to the Science of Aging.

Public Opinion will be the catalyst to move these advanced therapies forward by bringing awareness to the mainstream and share what these scientists are actually capable of so we can get these advanced therapies to people who need them NOW.

I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity, because I can honestly say this series will be my most notable work….

I am so excited for the series premiere of THE NEW 100 LONGEVITYCAMPAIGN on Flipboard TV, available to watch for free by downloading the Flipboard App.

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN because we are taking the science of aging out of the laboratory and into the real world, starting November 1st!


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