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Updated: May 14, 2021

The Season One finale is finally here and I feel such an enormous sense of accomplishment as

the producer and creator of ‘THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN’ . I feel this series will be my most notable work because it offers so much invaluable information to the viewers...

My primary focus of the series is to inspire and inform the mainstream public on the latest scientific breakthroughs available now and coming down the pipeline to optimize our health span and our lifespan.

For those of you already taking the deep dive into biohacking to optimize your lifespan--BRAVO! This show is definitely going to be a great resource to further guide you.

For the rest of you not yet aware of how important it is to take control of the reins on your health narrative, this show will be your wakeup call. Your future self will "thank you" because each episode is chock-a-block full of incredible information to help you age better.

On that note, it’s fitting that today’s milestone episode to conclude Season One sheds light on the enormous benefits of NAD+ shared in my interview with Dr. Charles Brenner, PhD. and World’s Foremost Authority on NAD Metabolism.

Famously known as the Scientist Who Discovered and Patented Nicotinamide Riboside back in 2004, Dr. Brenner is the Chief Scientific Advisor for ChromaDex, the parent company of TRU NIAGEN exclusively licensed and developed as NIAGEN® The World’s First and only FDA-safety reviewed form of nicotinamide riboside. (NR).

When you’re young, cells have a bounty of cellular resources at their disposal. One molecule, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), is particularly useful for sustained energy.

NAD+ is a resource called a coenzyme, meaning it works with enzymes in your body to support biological functions. Mitochondria (your cellular powerhouses) use NAD+ to help convert food into the energy that powers everything you do.

NAD+ levels decline with age, and due to metabolic stressors like alcohol consumption, sleep disturbance, and overeating. Maintaining a healthy supply of NAD+ supports healthy aging and healthy muscles.

The most efficient way to boost NAD+ levels is through supplementation. My favorite NAD booster is Tru Niagen®. It is a unique form of vitamin B3 that is clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels. Its sole active ingredient, Niagen®, is backed by 11 clinical studies and Nobel Prize winning scientists worldwide.

When I first conceptualized THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN, I knew it would be impactful, but I had no real magnitude of how incredibly valuable the show content really would be until I experienced it myself during my one-on-one interviews with the handful of world-renown scientists making a direct impact now to optimize our cellular health.
As Albert Einstein once said- “Once you stop learning, you start dying” …

I feel so privileged to be on the inside of this elite inner circle of scientists, sharing their knowledge and paving the way for each and every one of us to increase our health span and lifespan…


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