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Updated: May 14, 2021

By Linda Cooper

Everyone knows the world operates around a “supply and demand” mentality, but you can’t demand for something you don’t know about…right??

I created ‘THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN’ in an effort to inform the public by interviewing the world’s brightest scientific minds in the Biology of Aging to broadcast their advanced discoveries.

These elite scientists are making a direct impact now to not only reverse the aging process but also cure many age-related diseases simultaneously in one fell swoop. These big thinking humans will undoubtedly extend our lifespan and health span and change life as we know it forever —

I thought if I could use this platform to broadcast their discoveries to the masses to make the public AWARE then the big catalyst needed for change would occur to get these cures to market….

If only the public knew how close they actually are they could demand funding human trials needed to get these incredible cures to market for public consumption…

We live in the 21st century with so much innovation surrounding our very existence but the way we still view aging is a major problem.

Be it ignorance or skepticism…we are completely stalled in our progress to cure life-threatening diseases and I’m getting frustrated because the barriers we’re facing are human- not scientific.

When I first conceptualized my series, I saw this niche that needed to be filled, but I was mistaken who was to blame….

I thought it was the scientists at fault for not sharing their advancements optimally. These breakthrough discoveries were primarily shared peer-to-peer in white papers and medical journals… not anything the everyday person reads so the masses have been in the dark for too long.

How naïve I was… I discovered there are MANY layers to solving this problem but one thing’s for certain. It’s time for a next-gen change of narrative on how we view old age and here’s why — our aging demographic demands it.

In a combined effort the NIA; The National Institute on Aging, the National Institute of Health; “the NIH”, the US Dept of Health and Human Services- “the HHS” and the WHO; The World Health Organization came out with a white paper shared within the scientific community and published it over a decade ago titled “Global Health and Aging”…

It’s online HERE for anyone who wishes to read it but here’s the cliff notes version of what it said….

“The world is on the brink of a demographic milestone. By the year 2050, the population of people 85 years and older will TRIPLE in size. In addition, since the beginning of recorded history young children have outnumbered the number of people over the age of 65, but for the first time in history, people 65 and older will totally dominate the population and outnumber children under age five.”

My guest Dr. Kevin Perrott has been trying to change the way the world views aging for the past TWO DECADES…

I’m impressed he’s not exhausted by this point having seen such little progress and not for his lack of trying!

You see he is one of the handful of elite scientists playing a direct role on curing age-related diseases…

He has a laundry list of impressive titles as one of the one of the original CoFounders of SENS Research Foundation, whose tagline is “Re-imagining aging”-

He’s also The Co-founder Oisín Biotechnologies, President- Global Healthspan Policy, Director for the Health Extension Foundation, a Board Fellow with The Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the Founder and CEO of OpenCures which brings to the mainstream ways to measure your biomarkers to optimize your health.

I’m very proud of this show because it does not sugarcoat the fact our system is broken.

We need to demand the change to emphasize CURING DISEASE and stop fast-tracking drug approvals through the FDA that only band-aid the symptoms not cure them but continue to line the deep pockets of Big Pharma.

It’s time we get WOKE to Reimagining Aging…if we solve this, we all win. I encourage you to watch this episode and share it with your friends and family…


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