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Updated: May 14, 2021

Over the years as a TV Lifestyle Host inspiring the public on many fun lifestyle topics such as shopping, travel, health & fitness, I’ve enjoyed taking my audience vicariously along for ride but yearned privately to feature something a little more “life-altering”.

As a side hobby I was extremely fascinated by the topic of longevity and aging well, researching everything I could find on the subject matter, but when I pitched to cover it I was told it wasn’t a lifestyle topic that was “mainstream” enough to showcase.

What I found during my deep dive was an incredible wave of advanced therapies being discovered at warp speed in the Biology of Aging that the average person knew nothing about.

The bottom line….getting old isn’t what it used to be and I saw this major niche that had to be filled. The public needed to be “caught up to speed” on these incredible advances being made by the scientific world so when my Travel show “Travel Time with Linda was indefinitely postponed due to Covid, I decided to take it upon myself to inform the masses.

Little did I know at the time I created my digital video series, ‘The New 100 Longevity Campaign’, that perhaps the mainstream was being purposely left in the dark…
Not to get all “conspiracy theory” on you but I would assume you’d be interested to learn it’s possible we can reverse our biological age.

Dr. Fahy is a Cryobiologist and Biogerontologist and the CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Intervene Immune.

Through his TRIIM trial (The Thymus Regeneration, Immuno-restoration and Insulin Mitigation) to regenerate immune function through the thymus, he and his colleagues including world renown “epigenetic clock-watcher” Steve Horvath, have proven (perhaps for the first time) that aging can be reversed in humans.

Let me repeat that just in case it didn’t sink in the first time …WE NOW HAVE PROOF THAT AGING CAN BE REVERSED IN HUMANS.

Ummm…where is the fanfare and why isn’t this getting more attention?

This is huge! Cue the fireworks…

I am hoping to change this trajectory by shining the spotlight each show on the INCREDIBLE humans like Greg Fahy who will undoubtedly change life as we know it with their really big ideas. Here's the thing....

I really need your help in getting on the bandwagon because public awareness will be the catalyst for change to push these advanced therapies to market.

Tune in to watch this exciting episode HERE and the entire series of THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN for that matter to learn what you can do now to optimize your health span and lifespan and hear what’s coming down the longevity pipeline that will enable us to live healthy to 100 and BEYOND....

I invite you all to join my longevity campaign-

The future is NOW.


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