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Updated: May 14, 2021


By Lifestyle Host Linda Cooper

It’s rare something like this misses my radar…

Over the past 15 years I’ve featured every kind of health & fitness trend and gadget imaginable on TV as a Lifestyle Host but somehow this remained hush-hush and never surfaced up until now.

I received the “insider’s scoop” by one of the scientists interviewed on my new longevity series ‘THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN’ and was put in touch with the company’s President to review this hidden gem for myself.

I had become privy to what every elite athlete all over the world has kept hush-hush as their athletic “edge” for years.

I saw the results first-hand in just a few short days and I was SOLD! I knew I had to feature this best-kept secret in biohacking on my longevity show to share it finally with the mainstream for mass consumption….

What I’m talking about is called KAATSU.


Everyone from pro athletes; baseball, basketball and football players, swimmers, golfers, sumo wrestlers, martial artists — U.S. Olympics Team not to mention “the Agencies” as in CIA, FBI, Army, Navy Seals…and the list goes on and on. They have all been “in the know” about KAATSU for years, and now you are too.

The brainchild of Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, the basic premise of Kaatsu was conceived in 1966. A young athlete at the time, Dr. Sato noticed how much his calf muscles hurt after kneeling through long Japanese ceremonies. He realized the swelling was similar to the pumped-up feeling he got after a vigorous bout of weight training.

Through his research Dr. Sato found that modified blood circulation in the limbs helped build muscle through a biochemical reaction in the brain…

The word KAATSU means “additional pressure” in Japanese. It’s a mashup of the words “additional” — ka — and “pressure” — atsu — the system puts thin, computer-controlled, pressurized bands around your upper arms and legs to reduce the amount of blood flowing back from the muscles in your extremities.

Since KAATSU works on the venous flow, it is a highly efficient means at enabling the body to improve itself to enhance the blood flow throughout your body!

By slowing down the blood flow back to the heart, your limbs become engorged in blood, filling normally unused capillaries and mobilizing muscle fibers, while also raising the concentration of lactic acid in the blood — basically what happens during prolonged exercise.

At 75 years young, Dr. Sato is an exemplary of good health… actually I described him as the “Jack LaLanne of Japan” on the show.

I interview Steven Munatones, the President of Kaatsu and Dr. Sato’s long time protégé to share all the incredible benefits and its decades of extensive research.

In Japan over a strenuous ten-year training process, Steven learned from his “Mr. Miyagi” mentor in a “wax on, wax off” approach as Dr. Sato taught him everything necessary to bring Kaatsu to the United States making it a global brand.

“I’m used to the skepticism,” says Munatones but it’s completely changed my view of sports and human performance,” he says. “That’s the beauty of Kaatsu. Once you understand the physiological processes that are happening, it makes sense. But like any new invention, until someone actually lays it out, no one can see it.”

Steven explains, “Many people do not realize how many capillaries that we have and their role in keeping us healthful”. “If you lined up all your own capillaries and veins end-to-end, their total length would wrap around the earth 3 times and about 70% of your total blood volume is in the venous return”.


KAATSU works through the mechanism of metabolic stress; the accumulation of waste products in the trained muscle (like lactate, phosphate, and protons, combined with oxygen deficiency in the worked muscle).

This phenomenon is also known by a lot of people as “the pump”. The souring sensation of a muscle being trained with a higher number of repetitions.

With KAATSU, acute metabolic stress is achieved very quickly due to pinching off the muscle with KAATSU bands and restricting the blood circulation, so just doing a little bit of actual exercise the brain is essentially tricked into thinking the body is undergoing a massive workout and triggers the pituitary gland to pump outgrowth hormones.

The results are an incredible cascade of positive physiological effects that benefit our longevity potential, our athletic performance, for rehabilitation and recovery and my personal favorite…. SKIN TIGHTENING!!!

Each cycle lasts for 4 minutes done 3 times with your arm bands and then your leg bands getting in a KAATSU workout in less than a half hour. You can lie down and do nothing or you could do yoga, stretching, or get in a few basic body-weight exercises and minimal weights. Whatever you do while using KAATSU you reap the benefits. It’s truly genius.

For Longevity KAATSU improves the metabolism and delays the aging process for individuals of all ages.

For Rehabilitation as a non-impact exercise, KAATSU enables effective, efficient rehabilitation and eliminates muscle atrophy.

For Fitness Enthusiasts KAATSU leads to HGH secretion that helps create lean muscle mass and stronger bones and increases energy levels and exercise performance.

For Cardiovascular Health KAATSU leads to the production of Nitric Oxide to help maintain and improve vascular elasticity.

“With very light exercise in a very short amount of time, you get an exhaustive workout that sends a signal to your brain that says, ‘Hey, I’ve done something really hard here — you better help me recover and adapt to it,” says Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen, Chief Medical Officer of KAATSU Global Inc.

“The brain then sends out a signal for a hormonal response that causes the muscle to grow and the blood vessels to grow. This is why the technique is also called “blood flow restriction training” or BFR”.

WE GO OVER EVERYTHING ON THE SHOW..… WATCH NOW! Visit the KAATSU website to purchase and receive 10% off your order using the promo code LINDACOOPER.



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