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Updated: May 14, 2021

By Lifestyle Host Linda Cooper

Cancer was not a topic I planned to feature on my longevity series. I didn’t see the correlation between the two until receiving a call from a dear friend who was blindsided by a devastating breast cancer diagnosis.

Listening while she shared the news my mind was reeling. Cindy was the epitome of health, but unfortunately so were my friends Karla and Gail and Wendy and Elaine and Lisa…

The unsurmountable list of people I knew getting cancer was unfortunately becoming an all too familiar occurrence.

As I hung up the phone it hit me… I finally saw the direct correlation —

Cancer IS standing in the way of our human longevity and I had to feature it.

I was resolved to find out why we haven’t cured cancer yet and what advanced therapies, treatments and discoveries were coming down the pipeline on my show THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN.

I had to understand why so many friends like Cindy who exercise regularly, eat healthfully and have no family history of cancer were getting diagnosed with this awful disease.

And surely by now there’s a less invasive more effective way to treat Cancer besides the antiquated standard practice to Cut, Poison and Burn it out of the body otherwise known as Chemotherapy, Radiation and in the case of breast cancer a Mastectomy.

Well, I’m ecstatic to share there IS a non- invasive, effective way to treat cancer….

Host Linda Cooper interviews world renown Dr. Jason Williams, Founder of Williams Cancer Institute

This episode on my series THE NEW 100 LONGEVITY CAMPAIGN I interview world renown Oncologist Dr. Jason Williams, Founder and Director of Interventional Oncology for the Williams Cancer Institute.

Next Generation Oncology Through Immunotherapy

Jason R. Williams is a medical doctor, board-certified radiologist, image-guided cancer specialist, researcher, and professor. He is one of the pioneers of immunotherapy, specializing in intra-tumoral interventions. He performed the world’s first ablation procedure and implemented an intra-tumoral injection of a specific combination of immunotherapy agents, thus leveraging the actual process of ablation as an immunotherapy agent itself.

Dr. Williams is treating Stage 4 cancer patients successfully with the most advanced immunotherapy treatments in the world.

This episode was a real eye-opener for me because during my deep dive to learn the latest breakthroughs to cure cancer, I opened a real can of worms…..

As a disclaimer I must share the information you receive during this interview is so lifechanging, so powerful and so shocking that most likely it will be just as impactful for you as well.

Here’s just the tip of the iceberg on what is featured~

We discuss the Politics of Cancer Treatment controlled by big Pharma and the FDA.

Special Interest Groups with for-profit agendas who raise money to promote awareness not providing real information to stop cancer from spreading.

And life-saving methods that’s been kept from the public you can do to prevent cancer that has been kept from the Public — and why.

One example is this selenium study which dates back from 1990 funded by the American Cancer Society and then buried or diminished…

The fact is taking 200 mg of Selenium as a supplement was shown to prevent many cancers. However, as shared in this episode, preventing many cancers will cause a collapse in the healthcare system which is dependent on cancer dollars. Oh yes, we go there…
In all my years on television, this was the very first time I cried on-camera. I literally could not help myself; the horrible reality of what Dr. Williams shares during our interview I just totally lost it. Like “boohoo, ugly tears” lose it…

Very little is edited out …just enough for me to regain my composure and reel the interview back in because I did not want to sugar-coat this information.

It was extremely important to me NOT to dilute the show content so my deep dive on the topic of cancer is uncensored to be fully digested by YOU.

I often say “Knowledge is Power and public awareness is the catalyst for the change so it’s all here —

The good, the bad and the ugly…

Be prepared to feel a wide range of emotions while watching from shock and outrage to anger and hopefulness because there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

The Future Is Now….


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